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The Faces of Our Organization

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Organization Founder/CEO

Paul was born in Mexico & raised in the U.S. He is proud of his Hispanic heritage.
A natural leader that believes that every man and woman have God given talents that need to be discovered. Paul has 2 boys and a beautiful wife of 15 years. His strong faith in God and gift of motivating & challenging men around him has brought Spartan Dads to life. Humble servant of Jesus Christ.



Brand Ambassador/Coach

Wynton joined Spartan Dads with the our vision of raising up fathers. Born in Chicago's west side. Father of 4 boys and 1 girl. Wynton is involved in charity work in the City of Aurora, IL. He is well known for bringing the community together. He is a strong man of faith and advocate for peace & justice. He has a natural gift of serving human kind.

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Spiritual Mentor

Roberto is an ordained minister who has been walking with the Lord for 21 years. He is passionate about loving and serving his bride of 17 years and 4 children. He serves as a Congregational Care Pastor for Impact Church in Aurora as well as Director of Operations for a Robotics company. He is an avid runner that has completed 5 marathons & loves to travel explore the country with his family. He combines all of his God given abilities to fulfill his personal mission statement of “creating a pleasing aroma that attracts believers and non-believers to the cross” with the ultimate goal of making disciples of Christ

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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